After the long hustle of buying your dream house, the next stride is giving it the look you had fantasies for but, the process of decorating your adobe can really zonk you out. From selecting the wallpapers to choosing the furniture and best-suited tiling we perpetually strive to select the best, but wait! What if you don’t get the desired result?

Wouldn’t that be the most disappointing thing! 

Yes! Your tiling can make the whole world of difference to the final look of your house, be it tile selection or installation, it all does matter. However, you can sit back and relax after finding the best tiling contractor doing the renovation job.

In this blog, we’ve enlisted what you should be looking out for while selecting a direct tiling contractor to avoid any extra expense in the future. 

Select the tile first

This might seem like it has nothing do with the contractor but it’s indirectly linked! Selecting the tile before will determine the scope of work and level of expertise and skill you will need.

For vinyl tiles, you probably don’t need to stress much but if its ceramic/large format tiles or something implicating different sized tiles which are quite difficult to install then you will be needing more experienced and expert hands.

Preparation of the installation

Before the contractor proceeds with the installation process, the preparation and planning must begin with you. They must guide you on what type of tile will be good as well as their specifications.

At Comdecor, we have a team of professional tilers in Singapore who have great knowledge of tiling and installation, they will advise on the selection according to your house as well as give you an approximate estimate on the installation cost. 

Ask your tile supplier for a list of reliable contractors

Don’t hesitate to ask your supplier for the referral of the best contractor in your area. They deal with several contractors as part of their job, so it will be well worth to have some recommendations as they are likely to have a better knowledge of who will be best suited for that specific job. 

The contact list of who they think can be best, will guide you properly in discovering your ideal contractor.

After selecting the contractor

Once you are done with your hunt, remember to ask:

  • If they are suited for the job in terms of size and requirements
  • For how long they have been in the business
  • What are their specifications 
  • How much time they will take to finish off the job.
  • What are their features 
  •  Most importantly, if they are available. 

Request for a quote in writing

It’s important to do complete research on the tiling contractors in Singapore and their HDB renovation packages. Get the quote from different tiling contractors, compare them and look thoroughly at the quality of their previous works, their costs, what services they provide, what materials (adhesive, grout, additive, primer, tilers, etc.) will be supplied by them. Compare all of them, weigh the pros and cons of each contractor then decide the most suitable one for your project.

Check the testimonials

Once you are done shortlisting, check their testimonials to see their previous projects and what type of work they had been delivering. Hear the side of their client’s story, evaluate the positive and negative reviews and then decide after measuring all the factors.

Check the correct installation process for the job 

Most of the customers tend to be ignorant of the installation process which might disadvantage you. So for peace of mind, check if your selected direct tiling contractor is using the correct adhesive and grout system. If you have no clue what will be best for your tilling project then you can always confirm from the tile supplier. Or you can do a quick google search to familiarise yourself with the tiling process to ensure the installation is done properly. Indeed it’s an awry task but the more upfront work you do, the fewer chances will be of something going wrong – which will ultimately save you from costly repairs. 

Each detailing does matter! This is why you should always select the one who has a knack for their work. If your hunt is still on, then call us for the professional tiler in Singapore. We are one of the trusted tiling contractors in Singapore as well as we offer several HDB renovation packages fitting in your budget. 

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