While thinking of giving our home a makeover, numerous ideas rush into our mind from curtains to furniture, floor, walls, backsplash to everything in between, but among all these, transforming the tiling instantly elevate the aesthetic level making the home look all new and different.

Probably that’s the reason when anyone thinks of renovation they never corner the idea of tiling. Now the question is; what kind of tile will make your home stand out, or what is the trend to adapt for a contemporary, chic style and with the endless varieties and combinations to choose from, what is the best?

With the changing year, the trends are also out with the old, in with the new. However, if you’re stressing what you will do after the tile goes out of style then relax! In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of titles that have always popped up consistently as a hot favorite in the past till today. 

Natural hues

Simplicity never goes out of style, and this style is solely cherry on the cake if you’re the type of person who seeks simplicity with a calming appeal. The soft & neutral colours – like beige, greige, taupe, pastel, soft pink & blue, muted green, pearl and mink have made a ‘come back’ into the popularity list of 2021. These tiling options are greatly preferred over traditional glossy white tiles as it gives the tinge of colour yet retaining the white interior idea and keeping it subtle, elegant with a whiff of luxe.


I am afraid I can say ‘ grey has made a comeback’ as it never has been out of choice.  Where the monochrome duo is gaining popularity, the gusty grey is not behind from becoming highly favored among homeowners. The grey hues deliver a sense of sophistication that create your space cozier and relaxing. The look is easy to achieve without messing with cement, by the homogeneous tiles which possess several perfect cement-look designs. Moreover, it also promotes the gist of stone as well as re-enact the place with grace which is realistic, detailed and natural.  

Natural stone with metallic effect

The traditional stone tiles have returned with a modern yet timeless update which is definitely eye-catching and heart-stealing. The wide range of this fusion has certainly got into the interior design trend as well as are ideal for those who desire an opulent impression and want to add some drama into their space. 

The metallic infused surface

embraces the industrial-chic aesthetic and are a great pick to create a focal point that grabs the immediate attention of guests. It comes in a large variety of options to choose from- iron, tin, copper, brass, pewter etc.

Bronze ceramic tiles are indeed a modern yet refreshing alternative to add warmth with a cool touch. While sliver arouses the beauty of monochromatic colour giving your home a chance to shine with metal infused tiles. 

Biophilic Design

While in the pandemic when everybody was entrapped into their homes it made all of us realize the significance of retaining a calming relaxing as well as hues of natural green niche. Even though you don’t have a yard to create greenery, you can achieve the visual by installing the modern biophilic design tiles. With the help of digital print technology, it bestows a more realistic and inspiring interior at the same time.  

Square Ceramic Tiles

From the era of the 1950s, square ceramic tiles have driven back to 2021, and indeed it’s delivering the same clean, modern and conventional aesthetic. Besides 4×4 tiles, the current tile arrives in 3-D effects, bold colours and advanced printed patterns which further add interest, and dimension. The square chic tiles have been mostly seen to be picked up for installing in bathrooms and backsplash. 


Marble has been always known to cultivate luxury in any space, and the style promptly elevates the look of your entire home. It has no specific boundaries as it can be installed in the floor to walls to vein out the elegance glimpse. Moreover, be it a bathroom or room or kitchen they are an ideal fit for your entire home.

Dark coloured tiles 

Where on the one side light neutral colours are speeding out to the market, the dark colours tiles have precisely not left the most desired spot. They are amp for kitchen design to put in drama and subtle hue. Besides, it comes in a variety of colours like- black, dark brown to accentuate the dark beauty. 

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