When it comes to choosing for our home everyone wants to pick the best. Flooring is one of the most important and complicated choices amongst everything since you could be living with that choice for a longer period. 

Tiles can set the tone, add color, and style to the room, and these factors make them a key element in almost every home. Now it depends on you if you choose the right tile or choose to regret it after.

Choosing the right floor tiles takes a lot of deliberation, with so many designs and options it becomes even harder to choose the right one, but there are certain things you should keep in mind before shopping. Memo down your priorities, preferences, what you want your dream home to look like, what kind of look you want to set, and what kind of finish you are wishing for.

Well, Don’t stress! I am going to simplify your complexities with the tips.

Choose the right color

The colors play a most vital role in establishing the look of your room. Light color tiles give the illusion of a bright and bigger room. 

Dark color tiles add drama to space although it gives the illusion of small space and gives a dark feel. They are best for places having a great engagement, the dark color helps in hiding dirt and are low maintenance. 

For a calm, relaxing feeling add colors that give a warm look, cream and beige are the best picks if you want to give your space a warmer and monochrome look.

To add some glamour blindly go for the metallic color tile.

Decide according to the place

Yes, the place does matter!  The different place has different requirements, for instance, your bathroom is a place where it is always gonna be moist, it is most likely the place where anyone can slip so you should always pick slip, water-resistant, and texture tile for the bathroom floor. 

Kitchen tiles also should be picked likewise, the tiles should be stain and water-resistant, it should not show scratches and chip off, furthermore, it is a high movement area, so you should always go for tough tiles.

For indoor tiles, ask yourself what kind of look you want to create, choose accordingly. 

Outdoors are heavy traffic areas for them you should always go for porcelain tiles, they are meant for heavy foot traffic and also last for a longer period.

Size and scale

Next comes the size and scale, the size of tiles brings a huge difference in the room, it creates illusions of large, small, and wide.

If you want your room to appear large then get installed with bigger tiles.

Adding Rectangular tiles to the narrow space can formulate a wider feel to the room.

Well, square tiles are always good to go and are great for the modern home.

Pattern or plain

Confused between pattern or plain? Well, let’s get this clear as well. 

If you want a simple yet classy look you can go for plain tiles, plain tiles are best for a minimal and elegant glimpse.

On the contrary patterned tiles add character to a design it enhances the features and cons of the eyes by making it look larger than it actually is.

Now the confusion is whether you should choose a matte or a polished finish, glazed tiles are easy to clean and reflect the light. On the contrary, mattes are everyone’s favorite and just requires a little more maintenance.


While choosing the right tiles it’s also essential to choose the right grout color. Grout not only seals the tiles but also adds features to the tiles, a grout matching the color of tiles gives a subtle clean effect, whereas contrasting grout emphasizes the design and lines.

Natural light

Light is also one of the most significant factors in any house and it’s not surprising the color of your tile can make a difference to it. A light color tile reflects more light and can brighten up space whereas in a dark space gloss tiles are best suited as it does the same as light color tile.


After finishing off with color, pattern, size, and style, the last thing to do is calculations. Measure the area to get an aggregate number of tiles required for installation, this can save you from overspending on tiles and can help to estimate the cost. Always take a few extra tiles more than your calculation for the case of damages. 
If you are still confused, we can help to pick the right tile to reach us at +65 9007 8003 or email us at jy@comdecore.sg our expert direct tilers in Singapore can help with your choice, among all the things, finishing is also important to take into account, a well-finished home can enhance the overall look. Get the help of our professional tilers in Singapore and enjoy living in your dream home with your loved ones.