Tiles Repair Work

Tiling Repair Works

Tiles are usually durable and last for a long time considering their residential use. In spite of this, over time, tiles do lose their characteristics and get defaced and dislodged when they are exposed to constant environmental wears. In such cases, it will be appropriate to get the professionals to carry out the repairs. Loose and broken tiles can pose hazards as the tile edges are sharp, which may cut you and your loved ones if you step on them barefoot.

At Comdecor Renovation, we understand that tiles can get damaged accidentally because of a variety of factors. It will diminish the aesthetic value of a property and the investment you have previously made in your floor if the tiles have been damaged. And at times it will pose both a safety issue and an inconvenience towards you or your loved one.

At Comdecor Renovation we offer tile repair and tile replacement services for dislodged and cracked tiles. We are trained to fix different types of damage to flooring at Comdecor Renovation. We also offer a variety of solutions to your flooring problems, all tailored to your needs and budget.

 Common types of damages that Comdecor Renovation can resolve

Poor workmanship, wear and tear, and humidity conditions can cause tiles and cement to become loose after a considerable period of time. This is a considerable eyesore for the homeowners and presents a real safety risk to your family and loved ones. HDB receives approximately 2,000 reports of dislodged floor tiles in a year, according to Ministry of National Development (MND).

Our team of professional tillers at Comdecor Renovation is equipped to handle such repair efforts. Our team will first help assess the damage to the existing floor, and once we have determined the underlying reasons for the tile dislodgement, we will then propose a solution to resolve the problem.

If you are experiencing waterproofing problems from your wet-areas such as the roofing, the bathroom, the balcony or the ceiling. It is possible that the previous waterproofing membranes and coating deteriorated, and there would be a need to waterproof the area again. However, there are times when the leak comes from a plumbing problem, and not from the deterioration of the waterproofing membrane. Our waterproofing specialists will examine the condition of your home and recommend the right waterproofing solutions in order to solve your seepage problems.

Are you moving into a new house and want your existing flooring turned back into its original condition? For years, we have provided quality professional polishing services for homes, apartments, and offices. We make sure every floor is special, so we take extra care to make it shine and keep it looking great. With the most modern technology and a special chemical, we can make any flooring sparkle and shine again.

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