Overlay Tiles

What is overlay tiles?

Overlaying tiles is the process of laying new tiles over existing tile flooring or concrete flooring. Vinyl flooring and tiles are most commonly used while overlay tile. Overlays make floors thicker, but they aren’t usually noticeable. The process of overlaying is definitely less expensive than removing all tiles and replacing them to install new ones since there is less work involved.

Most houses undergo a common renovation involving the overlaying of existing tiles. Some people might think it’s a wearisome task, but it’s actually something rather pretty straightforward, especially when done by a reliable tile contractor. Overlaying tiles allows you to replace and renovate old tile flooring without removing the old tile.


Are overlay tiles good?

Overlaying enhances the overall sustainability of your flooring by providing a protective layer on top of the original tile. It also acts as a cushion. Overlaying tiles is less expensive and takes less time than hacking. If you choose to overlay tiles, savings will increase with fewer man power costs.

Old ceramic tile that is worn or dated can be resurfaced with a new one since you do not have to remove it. In order for this to work, the floor underneath needs to be rigid (concrete) and there should not be cracks in the existing ceramic tile (indicating underlying concrete problems). Overlaying is a good option if your flooring is in good condition (no broken tiles or no gaps).

Can you overlay bathroom tile?

The answer is, almost certainly, yes. Whenever you are going about laying a new floor or even a backsplash, if your tiles are in a relatively good condition—evenly placed, without cracks, without any moisture—then you don’t need to take them out.

Can you lay tiles on top of existing tiles?

When it comes to re-tiling a room, decisions must be made regarding the best way to achieve it. There are a few factors to consider before laying new tile over tile; to help you decide better, here are the pros and cons.


  • Renovations Are Quicker.
    Overlaying is quicker than hacking a floor and replacing it with a newer one, which can take 3 consecutive days. This may be too long for some homeowners, especially if they have tenants.
  • Provides Better Protection for Your Floor.
    Due to the necessity of an additional overlay over your current flooring, it acts as sufficient protection for your flooring. This increases the durability of your current flooring, which translates to a longer lifespan. An overlay will provide extra cushioning, but also improve comfort with each step, especially if you choose products with padded thickness.
  • Renovations cost less.
    Choosing to overlay tiles instead of hacking and replacing them is almost always cheaper. Since the overlaying requires a lot less effort, time and manpower, you would be saving money.
  • You always have the option to choose from the wide variety of tiles.
    Flooring overlays come in all kinds of materials, colours and patterns. There’s lots to choose from, including timber overlays, vinyl floorings, metallic epoxy, and more! You won’t run out of ideas.


  • The condition of old tiles.
    Before overlaying your tiles, be sure to check the condition of your old flooring. Watch out as old, hollow tiles may pop out and cause cracks on the new tiles. It will be necessary to fix or even redo the entire flooring if this happens. By keeping your old tiles in good condition, you can avoid further tile repairs and tile renovations.
  • Surface with bumps or uneven surfaces.
    When your old tiles weren’t properly laid and installed, you may face tile problems after overlaying your tiles, such as an uneven surface. Prior to overlaying tiles, it is important to ensure that the old tiles are laid out evenly. If there are any gaps or problems with previous grouting, these could pose a potential problem when it comes to overlaid tiles. It is important to engage a direct tiling contractor for such jobs.
  • Trimming and measurement.
    Overlaying tiles is not a job that can be done in one night. Expert tilers must take precise measurements so that new tiles can be installed to the right size. These steps ensure that there will be no uneven gaps between the tiles. Doors should be removed as well, and it may be adjusted to precisely fit the thickness of the new tiles.

A floor tile inspection is necessary before any overlaying new tiles. Before beginning the project, be sure to weigh both the pros and cons of the tile overlaying project. Obtain professional advice from a professional tiling contractor in Singapore like Comdecor Renovation about the current condition of your old tiles. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of labor and materials that are involved in the process. Also be sure to compare hacking costs and overlaying costs. Even so, overlaying tiles is still known to be more cost-effective than hacking and also adds a protective layer to your old floor.

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