Masonry Work

What is masonry work in construction?

Masonry work is a construction method that involves working with individual units, such as bricks, stones and tiles, bound together with mortar or cement. It has been a popular building technique for centuries. Despite being durable, masonry still wears down over time and often needs to be repaired or restored. In this post, read about the two different types of masonry work and discover what type of masonry you need for your residential or commercial project. Masonry restoration and masonry repair are often confused as one and the same, however they are quite different.

Masonry work usually involves tiling or brickwork and is a common wall work in renovation. Overlay of ceramic tiles, marble, or other preferred types of tiles on the wall or floor is one of the main masonry works.


Differentiating Between The Two Processes

Masonry Repair Process

As masonry is prone to cracking and chipping, masonry repair, the process of fixing cracks and chips within existing masonry, is a common practice. Sometimes entire sections of masonry need to be replaced, and sometimes caulking is sufficient. However, while brick, concrete, or stone blocks can crack or chip, it is more likely that the mortar will require complete replacement altogether, as it tends to crumble and wear out long before the bricks do.

Masonry Restoration Process

Masonry restoration is a much more complex process. Masonry restoration is commonly applied on older buildings in need of complete masonry replacement whose exterior masonry needs to be replaced with new materials that match the original look of the building. Nonetheless, while masonry repair is a cosmetic job which can be done by some amateurs, masonry restoration is a skill that should be left with experienced professionals.

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The Benefits Of Masonry Work

Despite the fact that masonry buildings have largely gone out of fashion, likely because they’re much more labour-intensive to create and greater chances of breaking–masonry work have its advantages.

Increases Thermal Mass

Among its advantages are the thermal mass masonry provides, which allows temperature to be more easily regulated inside a building. It is also non-flammable, so masonry buildings are less susceptible to fires (at least on the outside).

Stable & Long Lasting

Masonry is also very stable, and the soundproofing it provides makes for a very quiet, peaceful interior. Furthermore, it is durable, and is resistant to mold.

Visually Pleasing

Stone can appear visually appealing by masonry work. In short, there are few disadvantages, except for labor and the length of time it takes to repair to restore it. Nonetheless, according to many property owners, a building that is tough, energy efficient, fire and mold resistant, and beautiful, is more than worth the repair or restoration cost.

Masonry construction offers advantage of labor costs than standard construction, as it creates more jobs than standard construction. Thus, by choosing masonry, you are taking a proactive role in your community’s future.

How are the measurements of masonry work cost?


Masonry is generally measured by volume, but is also measured with respect to area according to the thickness of materials masonry such as brick or concrete block. Tiling is measured in terms of area.

Contractors do not take into account wastage of materials, such as bricks, cement or sand, while measuring the quantities of masonry work. Also, when measuring the quantity of work, the types and classes of bricks, blocks, or tiles are not taken into consideration. This is taken into account in the pricing of the various masonry projects. Each masonry work type is counted individually into categories to calculate exact construction costs based on its price.

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Masonry work or wet work should absolutely not be compromised when it comes to quality, since the effects can be detrimental to the extent that the entire infrastructure is damaged. Water seepage or leakage from the ceiling would neither be appreciated by the tenant nor the landlord, resulting in a time and monetary loss to repair the problem all over again. Therefore, Comdecor Renovation uses only the best materials and the best professionals to avoid such problems.

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Comdecor Renovation is a full service masonry contractor, specialized in Brick, Stone, Block and Tiles masonry in all the areas of Singapore. Having more than a decade of experience in commercial and residential building renovations, we never cease to strive to maintain our reputation for quality work. Our repeat business is proof that we are the best masonry contractor. Our clients keep coming back to us because they know that they trust us. Some of our most popular tiling services are as follows:

  • Laying of homogenous (both porcelain and ceramic), marble, granite tiles on floors and walls.
  • Overlaying tiles on existing tiled or bare surfaces, including surface preparation in advance.
  • Erecting brick or hollow block walls.
  • Plastering of walls and floors.
  • All forms of concrete related works.

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