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The property search journey cannot be separated from renovations. After purchasing a house, the homeowners tend to remodel the interior of the property. We believe this is because of the pride of homeownership and the desire to show off a person’s personality.

Even renovating a home before sale or resale is also inextricably linked. It’s likely your home needs a makeover, even if it has been kept in excellent condition for many years, for it to look presentable to potential buyers. Renovations cost homeowners a lot of money, and they often expect to recover more than they will.

Choosing to renovate a home is both exciting and stressful at the same time, regardless of the reason behind it. Thus, before you call the contractors, before you start renovating your home, you should ask yourself what the extent of your renovations should be, and more realistically, is renovating your home really worth the cost in the first place?


Is it worth renovating a house?

If you plan on living in your home for over five years, invest what you can comfortably afford for the look and upgrades you want. If you’re thinking of selling, use a different approach and focus on getting the maximum return on your investment. Renovation is supposed to increase the value of your property.

When remodeling a home to resell, we always suggest the homeowner first have a thorough inspection of home and find the issues at earliest. Because later the home inspector may uncover issues that may come back to haunt you. You don’t want to spend money on cosmetic fixes, only to later discover that your home has serious issues. First, identify structural problems and then address cosmetic issues.

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How much does house renovation cost and how much should you budget for home renovation?


All home renovations aren’t created equal. It depends on how the owner is going to make use of the property. Whether a property is intended for rental purposes, or for a place of permanent residence, determines how much renovation should be done.

In the former, where the aim is passive income, it makes more economic sense to be conscientious regarding the type of renovations to do, as opposed to an owner moving in for the long term. It’s easy to get carried away since it’s a practical decision as well as an emotional one when buying and owning property.

A property’s age also plays a role in determining the amount of renovations that should be performed. If you’re buying a resale property to stay or lease, you can expect higher renovation costs – that’s what you get when you’re buying an older place versus a brand-new unit.

It is impossible to give an absolute answer of what the ideal or average cost of house renovation would be in Singapore. This is essentially due to the fact that the final price of a renovation is dependent on several factors that you should take into consideration while calculating renovation costs; that are – 

  1. Type of the property like HDB BTO, Condo or private property, 
  2. Style of the home
  3. Age of the property
  4. Purpose of renovation such as planning to stay or resale or lease the property to become a landlord. 

Private property renovations cost more as the home gets larger. This assumes all other factors such as the type of property, scope of work etc. are constant.If you want to learn about more HDB BTO renovation cost in Singapore visit here.

Budget-wise, note that new units are cheaper to renovate.

Perhaps the renovation cost can help you decide if the new or resale unit is right for you. New homes are more affordable than old ones since they don’t require the cutting up of old floors and tiles or tearing down of old partitions. Since they are newer, kitchen stoves, toilet sinks, air-conditioning, etc. are less likely to break.

A house renovation can add significant value to your home and make it more enjoyable to live in. At Comdecor Renovation, we will assist you while searching for the right house, finding financing, and beginning your construction. We are a full service house renovation and tiling contractors in Singapore. Having more than a decade of experience in commercial and residential building renovations, we never cease to strive to maintain our reputation for quality work. 

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