The thought of giving your home a makeover can stem from a myriad of
inspirations: perhaps you want to redecorate certain aspects of your house
to incorporate more safety and visual appeal.

Maybe you are willing to sell the property but wish to improve its market value, or simply it is in order to maintain your ancestral estate. Whatever may be the reason, it is important to have clarity before undertaking the task of renovation. Taking this decision can be both exciting yet overwhelming, but if you have a clear vision of what you are expecting from the remodel, it would be easier to arrive at what the extent of your house renovations in Singapore should be, and more realistically, if renovating your home is more feasible than working on a new property.

This or that? Which option is worth it?

If the cons weigh out the pros, then it would be a better alternative to search for a new residence than investing heavily in your current home.

However, if you believe that some of your objectives can be achieved by making slight adjustments in your current house or you wish to not switch homes for financial or other reasons, then do invest what you can comfortably afford for the appearance and upgrades you desire.

Whether you are choosing to redesign your present home or a property on sale to increase its value, always first identify the structural problems and then address cosmetic issues. Essentially, this is imperative for any house renovation in Singapore.

The money behind the magic: Budgeting and costs

All home renovations are not created equal. Planning the house renovation idea of your house is determined by a number of factors like:

How much time would you be spending or living there?

A) If the property is intended for rental purposes, then the aim would be to earn a passive income and it would make more economic sense to be conscientious regarding the type of renovations to be done

B) On the contrary, if an owner is moving in for the long term, additional thought would be given to the following 1. Specific requirements such as inclusion of work from home chambers, a study equipped with a library, an art room, larger closets and more 2. Suggestions from the designer 3. Functionality and an ease in manoeuvring around the house. 4. Accommodating electrical switches and connections for plug points 5. Light and direction of the house which can affect the temperatures of certain rooms and their lighting

What is the age of the real estate?

A) Buying a resale property to stay or lease would be expected to incur higher renovation costs B) On the other hand, newer homes would be more affordable than the old ones since their architecture would likely be more befitting and the newer installations of kitchen stoves, toilet sinks or air-conditioning would less likely be damaged.

While it may not be practically possible to calculate a one size fits all cost for every kind of renovation a customer may desire, the type of the property (HDB, BTO, condo or private property) , the style of the home, the age of the property and the purpose of renovation can help at arriving at a fair guess of how much you might be looking to dish out from your pocket in order manifest your dream house.

Renovations are necessary if you want to maintain a beautiful and functional home. Renovating your house can take up time and money, but it is certainly worth the hassle. You spend so much of your life within these four walls, consider exploring our innovative house renovation ideas to make yourself as comfortable as you can be.

❖ Scandinavian interior design

Arguably the most popular design style among Singaporeans, with a focus on simplicity, decluttering, and functionality, it pays homage to the simplicity of life in the Nordic countries. It is characterised by the following features. ● Light, muted colours ● Natural elements like wood ● Clutter-free spaces ● White walls ● Natural lighting

❖ Minimalist interior design

Minimalist interior design uses the bare essentials to create a simple, uncluttered space. It’s known for its clean lines and other features such as: ● Monochromatic colour schemes ● Clean, open spaces ● Use of materials for texture and personality

❖ Modern interior design

The modern interior design style was born out of the design movement that began at the end of the late 1800s. This design style often features ● clean, simple lines, ● functional furniture, ● a lack of clutter, and ● bold, accent colours

❖ Eclectic interior design

Eclectic interior design is characterised by a variety of styles. It typically consists of elements from a range of different decorating styles and cultures. However, this doesn’t mean that eclectic interior design is completely random; the elements of the interior must work to complement each other and create a cohesive whole.

Here are some common characteristics for you to take note of when pulling off this decor style at home. ● Mismatched furniture ● Neutral background colours ● Contrasting styles and design elements ● Properly positioned furniture for a well-balanced look

Hence, ranging from Scandinavian and monochrome interior design to minimalist, modern, Japanese-style, eclectic, and classical to even nautical themes, at Comdecor House Renovation in Singapore, we do it all.

At Comdecor Renovation, we will assist you while searching for the right house, finding financing, and beginning your construction. We are a full- service house renovation and tiling contractors in Singapore. Having more than a decade of experience in commercial and residential building renovations, we never cease to strive to maintain our reputation for quality work.

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