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How do I renovate HDB?

If you live in a housing board home, you know that finding your dream home is just the beginning of the process. A home renovation project includes creating a budget, hiring contractors or interior designers, and setting the renovation process. These are just some few things you should consider.

Renovations in your first home can be both exciting and intimidating. It is likely that you’ve been planning and saving money to get the perfect home for years, we totally understand your apprehension and that’s why we’ve got  a number of  HDB renovation packages for your home. Being aware of the factors to consider when renovating an HDB will help homeowners like you understand the rules and regulations when renovating a resale flat.

Before making even the smallest changes, the homeowner must gain knowledge of the renovation guidelines and required permits. Permits are written approvals from the HDB. Renovations without the permit are unauthorised. 


The following renovations need a particular permit before you carryout them:

Revamping of bathrooms

Unless necessary, redoing the tiles and walls in HDB bathrooms can be expensive. Since these HDBs have complete tiling, it is advisable to wait three years before renovating them, because it takes three years for the waterproofing membrane to stabilise.

Installing air-conditioners

This installation should be carried out by a Building and Construction Authority (BCA) certified professional to ensure safety.

Flooring and walls treatments

Any renovation work on the previous flooring and walls will need a permit. In the case of tearing up the old flooring in order to install new tiles in the kitchen, you will need to get a permit and follow the guidelines. Furthermore, the flat has structural walls that cannot be torn down.

Repositioning doors and windows

The following is what you need to know if you decide to change the position of your doors and windows, especially if this plan requires hacking of structural walls. In order to change the position of your windows, you must get a permit and pay attention to some guidelines set by HDB. The dimensions of the new windows must be the same as those of the old ones. Hinged windows ought to be 50-70cm wide, while sliding windows ought to be 50-120cm wide.

It is important to know that these guidelines demand high-quality workmanship and ensure safety for homeowners.

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How long can HDB renovation last?

A renovation project’s duration depends on various factors, including the size of the flat, scope of work and whether it is a new HDB or a resale flat. Nevertheless, this list will offer you a guide to essential and popular renovation-related time periods: 

Renovation works that take more than four weeks.:

  • Hacking walls to increase the interior space of a room.
  • Building vanity units.
  • Renovation of the flooring and false ceiling.
  • Extending the bathroom space so that it can be only used as a dry zone.

Renovations that can be completed within a month:

  • Wallpaper-based and painting based wall treatment options.
  • Loose furniture acquisition and installation.
  • Installation of new wardrobes and kitchen cabinets.
  • Setting up a dining area.

How much does it cost to renovate hdb?

Whether the property will be leased out or whether it is going to become a place of permanent residence for the homeowner, determines how much renovation is necessary.

If the intention is to generate passive income, it would make sense to be more economical with regards to the type of renovations done, as opposed to someone planning to live there. The decision of buying and owning property is both practical and emotional.

Likewise, age of the house also determines the amount of renovation needed. If you choose to lease or buy a resale apartment or condo, you are likely to pay more for renovations than if you purchased a brand new unit.

After considering all the factors, the final renovation cost depends on:

  • Type of home : What kind of flat or house is it? Does it already come with any existing fittings?
  • Its age & condition : An entirely new BTO will undergo a very different set of renovations than a decades-old resale flat.
  • The amount of renovation work you need done : Are you happy with everything the way it is or do you want everything hacked and built from scratch?
  • Type of materials : If you’re into marble counters and parquet floors, expect to pay more.
  • The contractor or ID firm you choose : Clearly, each company charges differently.

Renovations make your home more valuable and excitingly enjoyable to live in. Comdecor Renovation will help you find the right home for you, secure financing, and get started on renovating your home. We provide full-service house renovation and tiling services in Singapore in your preferred budget. Check out what fits in your budget in our HDB Renovation packages. We have over a decade of experience renovating commercial and residential buildings and continue to strive to attain and maintain our reputation for quality work. 

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