Fixture renovation

Erecting Walls & Structural Fixture

Our workmen are also skilled in masonry work. If you are looking to erect a wall whether it is for an aesthetics feature or simply a fixture, we are able to assist you.

Whether you are planning to renovate the entire house or only a certain part of it such as the bedroom, kitchen, or living room, Comdecor Renovation can provide complete renovation assistance. You will get affordable home renovation services from Comdecor Renovation. Our knowledgeable and experienced craftsmen provide excellent workmanship at competitive prices. We discuss all renovation strategies with you and open the lines of communication so that the home renovation services can meet your expectations.

All of our work is successfully completed within the set time due to the well-managed home renovation strategies we use. That is why we have grown to be one of the top home renovation service providers in Singapore. Comdecor Renovation offers one-stop solutions for all types of home renovation jobs. Therefore, when you choose Comdecor Renovation as your renovation contractor, you directly deal with us.

Our renovation process

This step involves sitting down to talk with you. We listen to you and ensure to understand your desire, budget, and needs in the renovation. With our years of experience and your thoughts, we come up with an outstanding home remodeling design. Using innovative 3D technology and traditional sketching, we design a design that goes for your approval.

Once the design and budget have been approved by you, we move on to planning where we decide how to start and when to start and when council and city approvals are required. We also plan out your remodeling schedule to fit your schedule and lifestyle to get the job done with as little hassle as possible.

This is where the work actually begins. Our experienced renovation team takes care of collecting, trimming, placing, and finishing work. We will keep you updated and well informed about the renovation work.

In addition, we do different fixtures such as concrete sink support, concrete vanity support, shower niche and many others.

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