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We shape and transform the physical space

We comprise of a small team of versatile workmen, direct tiling contractors, professional tilers who mainly specialize in tile installation and general wet trade. 





The company operates under the principle of Honesty, Efficiency and Consistency in our work. Our Staff are respectful and friendly in our dealings with our customers. After the work is completed, we always hope to delight you with a quality end product

Tiles Installation

At Comdecor Renovation, we provide new tiling installation services for HDBs/BTOs, private housing and almost all other venues, residential or commercial.

We are specialised in doing popular tiling finishes such as ceramic, porcelain, stones and craftstone. All our tiling works are performed in accordance with professional BCA Standards to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

Singapore Tiling Contractor

Reasonable rate

We hire tilers directly under our payroll and as a direct contractor, our customers are able get their work done at an affordable pricing. We welcome designers engaging us.

Quality systems

We implement quality management systems in our procurement and work procedures to ensure our resulting workmanship is consistent and up to standards.

Experienced Tilers

Most of our current tilers have at least 10 years of experience with our lead having more than 40 years experience. We are sure to be able to advice and accomplish your tiling requirements.


Excellence in Tiling

With over 20 years of experience in direct tiling works, we are one of the best tiling contractor in Singapore. Comdecor Renovation is a HDB registered renovation and professional tiler in Singapore. 

We at Comdecor Renovation provide top-notch tiling services including renovation tiling, kitchen floor tiles, overlay tiling, floor tile repair, and other direct tiling services for HDBs/BTO, private housings and all other residential and commercial properties in Singapore.

We use a variety of quality tiles from ceramic tiles to porcelain tiles, marble tiles, glass tiles and others as well. Dedicated to tile work, our tilers have the skills to complete any tiling work for both residential and commercial areas.


At Comdecor Renovation, we provide new tiling installation services for HDBs/BTOs, private housing and almost all other venues, residential or commercial.


To create a surface, ready for the final floor finish like vinyl, laminating floorings and traditional tiles.


We provide wet area installations with application of necessary waterproofing systems during tiles installation.

Why choose Comdecor Renovation


Direct Tiling Contractor

We will help you save additional fees charged by interior designers and directly work with our team of highly skilled tilers for any tiling works.

Quality Workmanship @ reasonable pricing

We are committed to provide high quality floor finishes according to your preferred material at a reasonable cost.

Professional preparation of all surfaces

We provide a complete service which includes the surface preparation before tile installation or repairing, hacking of walls to create openings for enlarging or enclosing spaces. Our specialty is installation of ceramics and homogenous tiles. We take a great deal of care to maintain a high aesthetic quality in laying arrangement, consistency, and surface application.

Robust Customer Support

We have a team of friendly customer service staff eager to attend to your tiling enquiries and guide you every step of the process both before and after you avail our services. 

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Successful tiling projects completed for our clients in Singapore. Thank you for the appreciation.


JY is a down-to-earth person and he has done a great job in my flooring. Prices were reasonable. He is responsive and will not delay works in the renovation…

Jayson, Singapore

Wall Tiling

Comdecor Renovation has a high degree of professionalism along with friendly approach towards their clients. They provided adequate value and quality.

Fan, Singapore

Floor Tiling

Father and son team are good honest folks. Very accommodating and price is fair. I will recommend them to anyone need tiling services

Yew Meng, Singapore

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